The Qantas Valet Experience

Equity Valet Parking’s Customer Service Officers offer all our customers a range of services under the Qantas Valet brand. These services include:

  • A friendly and efficient car parking service where customers simply drive up to Valet, check in, hand over their keys and continue onto their flight departure. On their return their car is waiting for them at Valet where they check out, pay for their parking (and other services) collect their keys and they’re on their way. The check in and check out service takes no more than a couple of minutes.
Exceptional Quality Car Cleaning Service
  • A car cleaning or car detailing service is available for customers whilst their cars are parked at Valet. On their return their car is waiting sparkling clean and fresh for the drive home.
  • A chauffeured limousine service in which customers can be collected from their city of arrival without having to wait in line for taxis or signing up for a rental vehicle. The Qantas Chauffeured Limousine service provides customers with an end to end transfer service saving them precious time whilst travelling, another service which saves the customer time and makes the entire flight experience more efficient and user friendly.